Welcome to the official Skip Measelle Studio web site. The purpose of this site is to introduce a selection of Skip Measelle’s paintings from over

600 works completed from 1972 to the present. Each thumbnail image represents one work from a series of approximately 5-40 paintings painted in a

similar direction. Drawings, sketches, sculptures, and prints are not included in this survey.

This site is divided into 7 categories: Introduction, Recent, Archives, Studio, Exhibitions, and Contact.

Recent: A survey selection of new and recent work.

Archives: Paintings, mostly “Photorealist,” completed since 1972-1994 with some recent commissions.

Studio: Various photo views of the Measelle Studio.

Exhibitions: Includes a partial list of exhibitions and public and corporate collections. Private and/or individual collectors are not listed.

Contact is a page with an email form for anyone who wishes to contact the Clarence Measelle Studio and/or requesting to be added to the mailing list.

In the future all contacts regarding commissions, purchasing, and prices will be directed to a gallery link(s).